We were asked to place a brief description of the team here it is still being proofed for spelling and gramaticalisms?


Kevin Hester | Arts Director, Tech Arts Director

Before we begin, Kevin got two incorrect answers on the entire english portion of the SAT.  So yes, he can spell circles around Ted.  Though not a "real musician", his execution of all things musical is uncanny, along with his technical ability and ear to make a Casio sound like a Steinway.  Kevin has an eye for all things creative and is an amazing vocalist.  Born mic in hand - straight from the womb - he can also sing circles around Ted.  

Aric Harding | Worship Leader

Charlie Lair | Music Associate

As the newest member of the team, everyone anonymously agrees he is potentially the nicest person in Galveston County.  If guitar playing were cooking, pass the butter and call him Paula Deen.  Hailing from Texas City, we had high hopes that Charlie would be a worse speller than Ted; however, this has proven to be an absolut impossibilitee.

Keri Lilley | Communications Director, Worship Leader

Ms. Lilley has the distinct honor of being the only female on the Arts Team.  She is an amazing vocalist, musician, photographer, web-designer, creative thinker, and holds a PhD in Life, you know what I mean?  An avid speller, Keri effortlessly places second only to Kevin as best speller in the universe.   

Brad Loser | Director of Music, Worship Leader

Brad is an accomplished singer / songwriter / worship leader / producer <slash> musician / keyboardist / guitarist / tambourinist / sandwich artist / chauffeur / guitarist / pianist / keyboardist / vocalist <slash> singer / BGV'er and all-around happenin' kat.  He's a better speller than Ted, but still not uhmazing.

Sherrie O'Conner | Arts Assistant

Courtney Ricketts | Music and Arts Associate

David Ryskoski | Technical Arts Associate

Ted Ryskoski | Associate Technical Arts Director

Ted has had the privilege of collaborating with his astonishingly gracious wife Megan on hits like and such as Isabella and Adaline.  He's a master when it comes to linguals, word smithery, and stuff, and is an absolute magician when it comes to non-linear video production and all things creative. 

Daniel Vencil  | Music and Programming Associate

The most substantially bearded fellow on the team.  Nowadays, Mr. Vencil doesn't meet a delay or reverb pedal that he can't dial into submission (parenthetical phrase: insert whip-cracking here).  Daniel has consistently been voted "Team Player of the Year" since coming on board; he has an astonishing knack for taking the "I" out of "team".  He placed third in his 4th grade Spelling Bee, which places him squarely behind Kevin and Keri, but still comfortably ahead of Ted.  

David Spear | Student Programming Director

An accomplished musician, dedicated family man, and angler - we all agree that he is the most grossly underrated individual on the team.  David has the prettiest hair around and is unneccesarily punctual.  While his cajun upbringing did him quite the educational disservice, he somehow still manages to be a better speller than Ted.